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You may have experienced issues with your terminal over the last few days resulting in you being unable to take card transactions. The issue has now been resolved and we apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced.

If you remain unable to take card payments you will need to reset your terminal prior to taking any new transactions.

Instructions on how to reset your terminal are available here.

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Switch to us for hassle-free payment processing that’s tailored to suit your needs.

Why switch?

  • Switching is easy and efficient.
  • Potentially get more from each transaction with our rates.
  • Bespoke service that scales with your business
  • Online reporting tools to track and monitor card transactions.
  • Technical support when you need it.
  • Ongoing guidance on industry regulations and security compliance.

Switching testimonials

See what our clients have to say about switching to Lloyds Bank Cardnet:

We used to have regular problems [with our card machines], but we haven’t had those problems since we switched over to Lloyds Bank Cardnet.

Stewart Parvin, Stewart Parvin Couture

Read more (Stewart Parvin, Stewart Parvin Couture)

The mechanics of making the switchover went very smoothly indeed.

Graham Jeffs, Finance Director, Armit Wines

Read more(Graham Jeffs, Finance Director, Armit Wines)

When it came down to choosing who I thought I’d get that personal relationship from—not just in words, but also backed up by actions—Lloyds Bank Cardnet felt like the right choice.

Charlie Marshall, Managing Director,

Read more(Charlie Marshall, Managing Director,

If you think Lloyds Bank Cardnet could be right for your business, fill out our enquiry form and a Cardnet representative will get in touch.

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