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You may have experienced issues with your terminal over the last few days resulting in you being unable to take card transactions. The issue has now been resolved and we apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced.

If you remain unable to take card payments you will need to reset your terminal prior to taking any new transactions.

Instructions on how to reset your terminal are available here.

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Our mobile top-up service lets customers purchase mobile phone credit using your card machine.

Benefits of mobile top-ups with Cardnet

  • Make it easy for customers to buy phone credit from all major UK networks.
  • Earn commission on every transaction.
  • Easily integrate this service into your payment system at no added cost.
  • Give customers another reason to visit your business.
  • Choose from a range of card machines that support mobile top-ups.

Our mobile top-up service is suited to a wide range of businesses, including:



Convenience stores

If you’d like to get started with our mobile top-up service, fill out our online enquiry form and a Cardnet representative will get in touch.

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