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Supporting our client’s unique business needs

The Global Infusion Group has been providing catering services to sporting and music events around the world for nearly 30 years. Yet even for a company with such expertise, the 2012 London Olympics brought a whole new level of complexity.

The Group choose Lloyds Bank Cardnet to be their sole provider for the event, and needed card payments to be accepted from vendors inside venues, at outdoor trailers and from mobile hawkers with carts. Across all the group’s diverse operation, the amount of daily transaction needing to be processed were colossal:

  • Over £300,000 sales per day
  • 25% of which were card sales

Having never previously worked with Lloyds Bank, Director Alex Dingwall talks about why he chose Lloyds Bank Cardnet. In particular, he explains the impact of support and training provided by Lloyds Bank Cardnet, and how it benefitted his staff.

How Lloyds Bank Cardnet supported our business