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You may have experienced issues with your terminal over the last few days resulting in you being unable to take card transactions. The issue has now been resolved and we apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced.

If you remain unable to take card payments you will need to reset your terminal prior to taking any new transactions.

Instructions on how to reset your terminal are available here.

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Get extra guidance on our services and access detailed information about Lloyds Bank Cardnet. Click on the links to download the documents in PDF format.

'How to' guides

Getting ready to trade

A step-by-step guide to being prepared to accept card payments.

Download (Getting ready to trade)

Setting up your countertop card machine

A step-by-step guide to setting up your countertop card machine.

Download (Setting up your countertop card machine)

Familiarise yourself with the PCI DSS online portal and help ensure your business is compliant.

Accessing and using the PCI DSS online portal

Download (Accessing and using the PCI DSS online portal)

Accessing and using ClientLine

Get started with ClientLine to track, manage and analyse your card transactions.

Download (Accessing and using ClientLine)

Accessing and using Business Track

Find out how to get started with the free Business Track reporting tool.

Download (Accessing and using Business Track)

Accessing and using RAM foreign currency reporting

Learn how to use the RAM reporting tool for foreign currency transactions.

Download ( )

ClientLine - Viewing Your Charges

Download (ClientLine - Viewing Your Charges)

Lloyds Bank Cardnet information

Terms and Conditions

Our agreement with our customers from 9th June 2016.

Download (Our agreement with our customers from 9th June 2016.)

Interchange and Scheme Fee table

Download (Interchange and Scheme Fee table)

Operating manual

Our Operating manual for our customers from 9th June 2016.

Download (Our Operating manual for our customers from 9th June 2016.)

Useful numbers guide

Download (Useful numbers guide)

Case studies

Armit Wines

Download (Armit Wines)

Women on Boards

Download (Women on Boards)

Rosa's Thai Cafe

Download (Rosa's Thai Cafe)

Fat Face

Download (Fat Face)

Henry Schein

Download (Henry Schein)

National Childbirth Trust

Download (National Childbirth Trust)


Download (ParentPay)


Download (Easipetcare)

Grosvenor House Apartments

Download (Grosvenor House Apartments)

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